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When someone needs legal help, the task of finding a good attorney can be extremely difficult. It feels like there are thousands of lawyers and all of them claim to be the best. To make matters worse, people cannot trust that client reviews featured throughout the internet are authentic. As a result, people resort to hiring a lawyer whose ethics and qualifications are uncertain. We understand how uneasy this can make people feel, especially when they are faced with serious legal issues. This is why we formed the San Diego Lawyer Alliance.

The San Diego Lawyer Alliance is a directory of talented and reputable attorneys in San Diego. Our alliance was forged to provide San Diegans with a single source for premium legal representation. Every member of our directory was selected based on their display of professionalism, civility, ethics and dedication.  

Welcome to the San Diego Lawyer Alliance. We are your access point to a unique union of award-winning attorneys who are determined to see justice prevail for you.

Our Practice Areas

San Diego Accident Attorneys

The attorneys at San Diego Lawyer Alliance include some of San Diego’s most awarded personal injury lawyers. Helmed by SuperLawyer®, and 10.0 Superb AVVO-rated San Diego accident attorney David Munoz, our personal injury team has a proven record of success in securing favorable outcomes for the injured victims we represent. From ensuring you receive appropriate medical care while recovering, through securing top compensation for your injuries or loss of a loved one, our San Diego accident attorneys fight for you every step of the way.

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Criminal Defense Attorneys in San Diego

San Diego Lawyer Alliance is proud to include the best criminal defense attorneys in San Diego. Helmed by longtime SuperLawyer®, and AV-Preeminent rated criminal defense attorney David P. Shapiro, the criminal defense team at San Diego Lawyer Alliance is an invaluable asset when you’ve been charged with a crime. Whether you are a first-time offender charged with a felony or have been charged with multiple or repeated criminal counts, we are here to provide strategic, results-driven criminal defense on your behalf. 

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San Diego Family Lawyers

The family law attorneys at San Diego Lawyer Alliance are experienced in all aspects of family law including divorce, paternity, custody, visitation, domestic violence restraining orders, and spousal and child support. The family law division at San Diego Lawyers Alliance is helmed by 

Certified Family Law Specialist, and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ Puja Sachdev. When legal issues involving families need to be resolved, our San Diego family lawyers will stand with you to fight for fair, appropriate custody agreements, division of property, financial support, and equitable division of assets.

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