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The attorneys at San Diego Lawyer Alliance include some of San Diego’s most awarded personal injury lawyers. Helmed by SuperLawyer®, and 10.0 Superb AVVO-rated San Diego accident attorney David Munoz, our personal injury team has a proven record of success in securing favorable outcomes for the injured victims we represent. From ensuring you receive appropriate medical care while recovering, through securing top compensation for your injuries or loss of a loved one, our San Diego accident attorneys fight for you every step of the way.

Car & Truck Accidents

The personal injury and accident attorneys at San Diego Lawyer Alliance have secured tens of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for victims of car and truck accidents. Whether you’re dealing with an invisible or soft tissue injury such as whiplash, or you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury, our San Diego accident attorneys are here to ensure you receive the justice you deserve via financial compensation for your injuries, loss of work, and quality of life.  

Motorcycle & Bike Accidents

Motorcyclists and bicyclists all too often suffer severe injuries when colliding with another vehicle. If you’ve been injured by the negligent actions of another driver while out for a ride on your bike, our San Diego accident attorneys at the San Diego Lawyer Alliance are ready to help. We will work tirelessly for you to get the medical care you need, and the compensation you deserve for your losses and injuries. 

Pedestrian Accidents

Tragically, pedestrians who are hit by a car, truck, or motorcycle often suffer catastrophic injuries. Brain injuries, fractured bones, soft tissue damage, and severe lacerations commonly result from pedestrian and motor vehicle collisions. If you’ve been hit by a car as a pedestrian, the San Diego accident attorneys at the San Diego Lawyer Alliance fight to ensure that you receive the medical treatment you need while recovering, and the compensation you deserve for current and future losses.  

Brain Injuries

Over the last several decades, science has conclusively proven that even seemingly mild brain injuries such as a concussion, can have a lasting impact on your life. A brain injury resulting from car accidents, slip and fall accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, or being hit by a vehicle while walking is common. Our San Diego accident attorneys will fight to make sure you receive appropriate medical testing, screenings, and the comprehensive medical care you need now and, in the future after suffering from a brain injury.   

Slip and Fall Accidents

If you fell and injured yourself while on someone else’s property, our San Diego accident attorneys can help. From assessing the site of injury to confirmation that negligence of another directly caused your injuries, the San Diego Lawyer Alliance will fight for justice for you, by holding negligent or reckless property owners financially responsible for your injuries. 

Wrongful Death

The incomprehensible loss that stems from losing a loved one due to another’s negligence, bad decisions, or carelessness is incalculable. However, with financial compensation as a grieving family’s only form of justice, the San Diego Lawyer Alliance will fight for top value settlements and verdicts. Our San Diego accident and wrongful death attorneys bring passion, skill, and resolve to secure compensation for your family after the wrongful death of a loved one.

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