Puja Sachdev

San Diego Attorney Alliance Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Mediator

I was working for a mutual fund company when I changed my career path to law because I wanted to work with people more, on a one-on-one basis, and make a difference. I believed working in the legal field and specifically, in Family Law, would give me the opportunity to do so. 

Anyone involved in a Family Law matter goes through a rollercoaster of emotions. Most people feel shame and judged by their family, co-workers, and peers solely because they have a Family Law case in the public Court system.  By providing objective advice and not passing more judgment, I am able to get to the core of the legal issues and help clients make clear choices about their case, their children, their lives, and most importantly, their future. 

Family Law is an incredibly diverse and challenging field, which frequently involves issues in tax law, real property law, contract law, civil and criminal law.  A widespread professional network ensures I can connect clients with experts in their field and work with these legal experts on their cases. 

Family law also requires an in-depth understanding of the asset and debt division.  To ensure I provide the best possible counsel to clients, I pursued education beyond a law degree.  I have an MSBA in Financial & Tax Planning and I was also the first Family Law Attorney in San Diego to earn the designation of Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™. I am also a Certified Legal Specialist in Family Law by the State of Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization.

I serve on a select court-appointed panel of attorneys who are appointed to represent minor children in high conflict and complex child custody cases. Representing minors in complicated family law matters is an aspect of my practice that is especially rewarding.  Custody and visitation matters are often some of the most contentious issues in Family Law.  By taking my lead, our Family Law team at San Diego Attorney Alliance is incredibly passionate about the well-being of children in Family Law cases. 

When there are children involved, we know the actions of the parents, tone of the case, and any Court orders made will, in some way, trickle down and affect the children – positively or negatively.  By keeping that in mind, our team is able to be objective and put things into perspective for our clients by helping them make informed decisions in their case.  We are not here to add fuel to the fire, but to guide you through the process and to the next chapter of your life.   


Puja Sachdev

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*Certified Legal Specialist – Family Law by the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization